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Archie wondering when he can get some more tasty Marge and Mabel treats (don’t tell him I’ve just put an order in for his birthday)
Here’s Maggie post enjoying a paddle
Skye is very happy chilling in her den
Wilf can’t wait till he’s a little bit older and can have your treats
Coco enjoying a rest after yet another long walk
Rodney the Labradoodle! 10 months old now and still loves his M&M treats! Hope to see you at the Artisan market soon when all this has blown over!
Sherlock ... just resting x
Juno on clean up duty, she takes this duty very seriously
Barney, all dolled up and nowhere to go!
Sirius is spending time looking after his new little sister x
Pablo is loving all of the people at home currently
Hebe and Yuri, just chillin’ and hoping for a tasty muffin
Benji enjoying his hour of freedom
buddy staying safe lol
Stan and ollie love your chicken strips
Summer is full of energy...greetings from Germany
Here’s Charlie!
Basil say Hello
Hello all keep safe love Millix
Storm doing what she does best
dottie just having a minute posing lol hope you both ok and staying safe ,much love to you both see you on the other side
Lisa Harrison Geoffreys loving having everyone home
Dave taking it easy during lockdown
Belle and Willow can't wait for all this to be over
Monty guarding the giant hungry Caterpillar
Otis, nearly 12 weeks old, missing out on his socialising with other dogs.
Nicola Manning Lily chilling in the sunshine
Colin is enjoying the sun!
Here’s Eddie
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