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Low Protein Treats

Special treats for your special dog

You know about all the tasty treats we make at Marge and Mabel’s, but did you know we can also make special treats to help with your dog’s health and wellbeing? Our special treats are carefully put together for those dogs who need a special diet or a little extra care. Lily was diagnosed with kidney disease two years ago, and needed a very low protein diet, so we made some special treats for her.

West Highland Terriers called Lily and Poppy.

Owner Danielle takes up the story. “I am the owner of two crazy West Highland Terriers called Lily and Poppy. Two years ago Lily was diagnosed with kidney disease, meaning she needs to avoid protein as much as possible. 

“From my research into low protein dog treats, I discovered Hills Food in America, but they did not deliver to the UK. Then later in the year I visited Chatsworth Christmas market where I came across Marge and Mabel’s Homemade Dog Treats.  

“Having already bought from them for the last five or six years when shopping for some gluten free dog treats for my sister’s dog, I asked Julie if she would be able to make low protein dog treats. Fast forward two years and I am now a loyal customer with a very happy Westie. Lily has a blood test done every six months and her levels always come back normal, solely controlled by her diet. 

“Julie goes out of her way to make new and creative treats for my two doggies, from gingerbread men biscuits to Christmas pudding meals. If anyone has a dog with allergies Julie will do her very best to cater for them.” 

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